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In 1976 Swedish recording engineer, Gert Palmcrantz recorded live to analog tape a Swedish jazz group featuring Arne Domnérus, alto sax, clarinet; Bengt Hallberg, piano; Lars Erstrand, vibes; Georg Riedel, bass; and Egil Johansen, drums. That album, Jazz at The Pawnshop was released as a two-record set by Proprius Records on 180-gram vinyl in 1977 (Sony and Philip's introduction of the compact disc was still 5 years in the future). Jazz at the Pawnshop is still to this day considered an Audiophile classic. We remember Cowboy Junkies, live Hotel California, Court and Spark, Kind of Blue, and Autobahn as those classics that stand the test of time. Can you think of a recent audiophile classic? Maybe it's just me but there seems to be a growing chasm between what's new and the era where classics seemed to sprout like weeds.
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Paul McGowan

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