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My friend Doug keeps on me about getting involved with digital EQ. I keep resisting. I am really not sure why. I think I have a stubborn streak in me. Or maybe I am just scared. I do know that once I latch onto something I can't let it go. So often times I avoid getting involved. Kind of like an ostrich putting its head into the sand.

I have projects I want to start, but I don't for fear of not having the time. But intellectually I know that's silly.

Part of my hesitation with digital EQ in the listening room harkens back to my years as a wanna be fine art photographer. The model of a fine art photographer was one of lugging around an 8x10 view camera and carefully composing and recording each shot. Since landscapes were my thing, I tromped all over the woods with a 50lb pack full of photo gear. And once I had my film back it was hit or miss. No Photoshop manipulation. I was a purist. Photoshop takes the original and "digitally EQ's" it. What you get is not pure. It may be better, but it's not pure.

I finally broke the ice in photography. I am now a lot happier and doing my very best work ever. I am no longer pure.

As an Audiophile I am definitely a purist. I wonder what it will take for me to follow the same pattern I did as a photographer?

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