The personality of equipment

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Have you ever noticed that many dogs resemble their owners? I think the same is true for equipment and the personality of the designs.

In our hand-crafted industry of the high-end many designs bear the sonic signature of the designer. You can always tell how Ray Kimber's kables sound in the same way Dave Wilson's loudspeakers bear his sonic signature and I think it's true for most companies in our industry that aren't big enough to be run by committees of engineers and designers.

The fact that the designer's essence, soul, tastes and biases towards music and its reproduction can so readily be a part of the final product and influence the performance of music in your home says a lot about both the skills of the designers as well as the variability of what we represent as musical truth.

We all like to imagine our products are completely neutral, transparent and without sonic colorations - in other words, just perfect to each of us.

There isn't one perfect looking dog out there - unless you ask the owner of that dog - in which case his is perfect and better than anyone else's.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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