How do you describe truffle fries?

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The language an artist uses to describe her work is by necessity vague and intentionally non-specific. How else could she describe the feeling of the work?

The language a programmer uses to describe her work is by necessity specific and intentionally non-vague. How else could she describe exact processes and logic?

A product visionary needs to be able to speak both languages effectively in order to communicate. Vague, picturesque broad brushstrokes to describe the emotions and feeling the product will evoke - specific modular functionality and logic trees to describe its inner workings.

That's a heck of a challenge. No wonder the traits are rare and the results spectacular when blended together just right.

Come to think of it, the challenge is pretty much exactly the same as a master chef faces.

Now, please pass the truffel fries.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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