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Have you ever stopped to notice that your high-end audio system has a personality? Mine sure does.

Just about everything we interact with has a story or a personality that describes the way we relate to it. Your hi-fi system's no different.

I have two listening systems, the first is my big one. Its personality is big, impressive but a true one-person setup. It's physically imposing but always brings a smile to your face. Impressive one man band.

My second is a much smaller affair, seats many, amazes and delights but has tonal balance problems that stick out like a sore thumb. Life of the party.

The sound system in my car has a great full sound, impressive bass but always seems to hit the same bass notes and gets fatiguing with time. Average Joe.

Start thinking about your system's personality. It helps us think in a different and more objective light when it comes tro improvements.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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