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Driving home a few evenings ago I heard on BBC news that physicists at Cern Switzerland were baffled after measuring a sub atomic particle traveling faster than the speed of light - something every physicist from Einstein on has guaranteed us is inviolate. Measurement error? Perhaps, but here's the point. Everything we believe to be guaranteed, inviolate, cannot change, is only "true" at that particular moment in time. As we learn more, things change - yes, even things that "cannot" change. The lesson here is whatever we, as high-end industry "gurus", believe to be the truth today should always be suspect for tomorrow. When we limit our creative juices by believing "this is the way it must be" then we really limit our ability to create new and innovative ideas that are "out of the box". The "box" we refer to is created by this restricted belief system. Just keep an open mind. I think Albert might have agreed.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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