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95% of my daily life is made up of the ordinary day to day routine.

That's hardly newsworthy.

And that's the thing about news. We do not report on the ordinary. We don't read about the wonderful time we spent listening to a great piece of music, that extraordinary hike in the woods, that wonderful email received from a customer about how much joy a new piece of gear has afforded them.

What gets brought to our attention in the news is all the out of the ordinary fringe events: tragedies, triumphs, successes, failures, milestones, gravestones, and the loudest voices.

Which is kind of a catch 22. If we read the news on a daily basis, then the out-of-the-ordinary becomes the norm—or, it at least feels that way.

After a half a year hiatus from daily readings of the news, the world sure feels a lot more sane to me.

Just sayin'.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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