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I suppose that with age comes an OK'ness with being comfortable in one's own skin.

Take, for example, how a piece of malicious SPAM could make my day.

Perusing through my junk mail folder, I came across the headline: FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION URGENT MESSAGE. Noting that the return address was from some squirrelly JP extension (for Japan), of course my BS alert was triggered.

According to this urgent email from an agent named Paul M. Abbate, FBI agents at JFK airport in New York confiscated two packages with my name on them. Between the two they found $4.1 million in cash along with a bunch of incriminating documents that would surely put me behind bars unless I replied back to the agents within 72 hours.

Oh, how juicy can these stories get? Clearly, a variation on the Nigerian Prince scam where they need a safe bank account in which to store their millions, but this one really tweaked me.

Clever, with an intriguing story line.

Honestly, of all the crazy stuff I get, this one had me almost playing along to see what other delights they might come up with.

Alas, my day gets too busy to bother, but what a lost golden opportunity for a bit of fun.

I can't resist a good story.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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