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The notion of neutrality applies to many areas: our cars when we don't want to go anywhere, our opinions when we haven't one, and our speakers when we want them to disappear. Yet, we know neutral is nothing more than a clever word describing a state that doesn't exist. Cars can still move, opinions are there - just not expressed, speakers are colored by default. The dictionary describes neutral as "having no strongly marked or positive characteristics or features." Yet how many of us can say that of our loudspeakers? We understand from measurements none are flat and we know from listening that horns sound one way, electrostats another, ribbons a sound unto themselves, and dynamic drivers different from any of the others. I wonder if it serves our community to describe loudspeakers as neutral when they are not and cannot be? I also wonder if we would like them if they were?
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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