Measuring with our ears

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As I write today's headline it seems obvious to me this is how it is done. The headline could just as easily read Tasting with our mouths had this post been about food. It's obvious this is how it is done, yet we continue to attempt to quantify that which we hear, in the hopes our opinions are validated. It's a tough battle, this listening and striving for better with our ears and our equipment. During our presentation to the Colorado Audio Society last Saturday, speaker Arnie Nudell said: "I am always searching for something better, a way to get even closer to the music." And it is the same for most of us. Our ears seem restless if we are always striving to hear something better; and the better is that which we have been unable to measure. Why are we not content to trust our ears? Why do we demand better measurements and reasons to explain what our senses are telling us? For me the answer's easy; because I cannot move forward with better sounding products without this insight. You?
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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