Why everything matters in today's high-end systems

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In 1973 when we first started PS Audio everything mattered to the sound quality path: types of capacitors, types of transistors, resistors, circuit topology, connectors, power supplies, chassis builds and so on. Then we moved to digital audio and the pundits of the day proclaimed that bits are bits it wouldn't matter what we did with them it would always sound the same as long as the bits didn't change.

Boy were the futurists of that time wrong.

Today everything is different yet the same. Music is mostly delivered digitally and instead of analog's direct hardware based paths for the audio to travel we have millions of logic gates to direct the flow of music instead. We're learning that the route those digital musical bits takes is every bit as important to the sound quality as it was in the days of direct analog. Even if the output of bits is identical, the course they take seems to affect the sound quality you hear.

Isn't it odd that while everything seems different it's really the same?

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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