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We wanted to be able to explain how a Power Plant regenerator works in less than 3 minutes to people who had zero technical knowledge. I didn't want an ad or a fluff piece, but something fun, interesting and most important - informative. The challenge, it turns out, is quite hard. In fact, I have been attempting to do this for more than 15 years without much success - as it's a rather technical subject. Then I ran across a creative agency that was willing to take a shot at it - and mind you these people haven't a clue as to what high-end audio is, let alone a Power Plant. The agency is Creativello in Seattle. Having never worked with a creative agency this was going to be an interesting experience - especially when they told me "easy challenge, no problem". Yeah, right - heard that one before! But ..... as my wife Terri would say "wowsers" when they came through. I think what I learned from this project is that if you get the right people involved, not only are the results good but the process itself is really fun. I've also discovered, through our forums, that several of you have used the video to help justify your Power Plant purchase to "the other half" who now understands what it does. Brilliant! If you have a moment I'd appreciate your opinion on the results My thanks to the Creativello team and, in particular, Lori Rock whose hand is doing all the drawings.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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