Family Time

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Family Time

Since our humble beginnings in 1974, we’ve always considered our customers family. There’s never been this odd us/them mentality we see at some companies. To us, our team and extended family are the true strengths of PS Audio, our products and services a distant second.

Serving and communicating with our family is why I have faithfully written these daily posts over the last 7 years, and why I answer every single email sent me: why we produce Copper Magazine, support our Community Forums, deliver our monthly newsletter, produce a daily YouTube video and audio podcast to answer your questions. And why our continuing efforts will be pointed at extending our outreach even more.

We just launched a new photo sharing section of the website. No, not pictures of Fido the dog or Muffy the cat, but of our systems. The new HiFi Family System Photos page on our website features a fun gallery of home systems. Some are from our forums, while others have been submitted through the online form on this page.

This is a great place to share what really floats your boat (and ours), your HiFi system. And, because you’re family, your system doesn’t have to include PS products. No, whether you’re a customer or not doesn’t matter to us. You’re family if you’re here and sharing. Do us a favor and share the best photo of your beloved system by going here.

And speaking of the HiFi Family, my son, Scott McGowan, took some time from his busy schedule to sit down with Audiophile Style Magazine’s Danny Kaey, for a great 15-minute chat all about our HiFi Family and the direction of PS Audio into the future. Scott’s a great communicator and I am a proud papa.

Check out Scott and Danny sharing about HiFi at Chicago’s Axpona. It’s well worth the view.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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