Lost in the desert

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From the title of this post I could be lost in a dish of ice cream or wandering around the show floor at this year's CEDIA trade show. As much as I would enjoy the former, it's the latter I am writing about :).

Today is day one of the CEDIA trade show (which is the show for home theater and custom audio installers).

It's been said that CEDIA is where the growth area in consumer audio electronics is.

As I wandered the halls yesterday, setup day, it struck me how little high-end audio plays any sort of role here. In every case, manufacturers boast "great sound, high resolution, music and video at the touch of a finger, if you want the best", etc. Great claims, yet none deliver even an iota of what they want you to believe.

PS Audio's booth seems lost in a sea of high-end wanna be's. It makes me smile when the dealers and other distributors come by to visit and are genuinely curious about us. "You guys are the real deal?" Somewhere they've heard about this "high-end" audio thing. "What's it all about?"

I am 100% convinced everyone at this show would love to install the performance values our high-end community bring to the table, they just don't know about us as a whole.

Let's work hard at changing that.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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