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Now that owners of the DirectStream DAC have begun tasting the fruits of Ted's latest efforts, Yale, I find many share my focus on what I used to believe was empty space. Between Yale, the BHK amplifier, and updated crossover components for the speakers, new worlds of space have opened up, space I believed was empty, but now understand are full. My focus has always been on the sound of primary instruments and voices first, soundstage second, and occasionally the spaces around both if I could hear details within. But with Yale and BHK running in perfect concert, that order has changed. I can no longer pull my attention away from what used to be the empty space of recordings, space where I now understand room reflections live, space where I hear into the very nature of the live event captured on the recording, space where an entire universe of sound has been living, unbeknownst to me, as if in hibernation, until released by this new software. This is the first time I find myself consumed with discovering that which lives in the empty spaces between voices and instruments. Like opening Pandora's box, I am eager for adventure within new spaces.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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