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I love learning new things almost as much as unlearning them. The benefits of learning are doubled when we unlearn those same lessons—advantageous like the old Cert's breath mint ad "two mints in one!". Unlearning works because the knowledge erasure isn't complete. Conclusions and lessons are retained while the thirst for learning is renewed in a new light. When I first learned about digital audio back in the early 1980s it was clear to me just how perfect music reproduction could be. Finally liberated from vinyl's shackles and weaknesses, digital could be infinitely copied, stored, manipulated and played back without degradation. Perfect Sound Forever! Then it was time to unlearn so I could move on to the next learning phase. Turns out digital audio was more than just the voracity of bits. Timing mattered. Each piece of new data we consume changes us. We absorb and retain that which is relevant and unlearn everything else so we are open to new ideas. Vinyl is king unlearns to it's flawed. It's flawed unlearns to digital removes those flaws. Digital's lack of vinyl's flaws unlearns to what else is missing and so on. Learning and unlearning keeps our minds agile, our spirits young, our progress forward.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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