Short fuse

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Sometimes things seem impossible; like trying to see something directly behind you in the mirror. No matter how fast you move your reflected image blocks the view. Yet, sometimes the seemingly impossible works; like a simple AC fuse changing the sonic character of audio equipment. And maybe "impossible" is the wrong word. "Absurd" might be a better fit. Words aside, the idea that a simple fuse can change the sonic character of a complex electronic instrument is intuitively wrong yet factually correct. In some ways the impacts of fuses makes sense. Think of all the trouble we go through connecting fire hose AC cables to battleship-sized power supplies only to have a 1/4" long whisker of metal separate the two. Viewed in that light it's hard to imagine that fuses don't have an impact. When we build PS Audio products we protect them with hand-selected fuse types, yet we don't make a big deal out of it to avoid the inevitable barrage of ridicule. It's just not worth the stream of questions and the guffaws of engineering types refusing to accept what our ears tell us is the truth. Fuses do matter even if you do not accept the fact or believe we're nuts. If you'd like more of my thoughts on the matter go here to watch a video I prepared for you.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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