Keeping Perspective

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Keeping Perspective

A few days ago, in California’s appropriately named Furnace Creek, the Earth’s highest officially recorded temperature was reached—a blistering 130˚ Fahrenheit. A record temperature, to be sure, but Death Valley’s Furnace Creek routinely logs days in the upper 120˚ degree range. So, what’s an extra 5˚ of heat when it’s already hotter than blazes?

An extraordinary fact is always startling, but less so when put into perspective. For example, when CDs were first introduced their stunning 30 to 40dB increase in dynamic range over vinyl seemed to be all we’d ever need until one actually looks at music. Most symphonic orchestras can produce upwards of 120dB—we’d simply wait a few years for the 144dB range of 24 bit. Or, take for another example my first introduction to subwoofers via a friend’s 18″ Cerwin Vegas that could extend flat down to 30Hz! Amazing until I experienced the Infinity IRS ton of woofer towers producing 16Hz, only later to be outdone by the Rotary Sub’s 1Hz.

It’s always about perspective.

No matter how great your system might be, I think it’s healthy to maintain a bit of perspective. After all, you wouldn’t want to limit your expectations. You just never know what new miracles are right around the corner.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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