Jumping up and down

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Jumping up and down

The humidity levels during winter months in Colorado are really low. Low enough that every time I slide my butt off the listening room seat I get a charge of static electricity—enough to really zap myself and the equipment. I've gotten used to discharging the static buzz by touching the grounded equipment rack.

But it reminds me that I rarely move off the listening chair. That not since long ago when vinyl was king and I had to get up and down to change the vinyl side or select another track have I even given much thought to the jumping up and down of vinyl.

The most I ever do is when I am listening to a disc on the PST and it needs to be changed. I do find that discs (even CDs) still sound better than streaming but I hope that as soon as I get my greedy little hands on the upcoming AirLens that will resolve itself for CD and higher resolution PCM files on Qobuz and I won't be jumping up and down quite as much.

That said, there's nothing in the streaming world that I am aware of that'll be playing the DSD SACD layer…though perhaps I'll then switch over to Octave downloads and "stream" them from my computer in DSD.

No big conclusion here. Just a bit of ramblings and ruminations about jumping up and down.


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