If You Can’t Hear Or See It

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If You Can’t Hear Or See It

Most of us are unaware of the tiny creatures traversing our skin and body. Like this micro spider, called Demodex.

This common creature runs around in the pores of our skin. Most of us are hosts to them, and yet we are unaware of their existence.

If I had told my ancestors of several hundred years ago that this space alien-looking creature was on their skin, they’d likely have me locked up as a lunatic. They could not see these creatures even with the strongest magnifying glasses of the day.

Because they cannot see them, it stands to reason they do not exist.

Yet they do exist. Then and now.

The fact that we cannot see or measure something does not mean they do not exist any more than if you do not hear changes in audio systems (that others do) they are not real.

It is worth considering that when our experiences do not match that of others it does not mean one experience is less or more valid.

All it means is that we did not have the same experience.

The only truly valid tests are those shared on systems with enough resolving power to present those changes. Two people looking at the same electron microscopic image will see the same micro spider.

Makes you want to go wash your face. 🙂

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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