I know what I want

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Our high end stereo systems are pretty worthless without something to listen to and by something I mean quality recordings of music that's worth our time.

So how come there isn't a place to go, a magazine to read, a website to visit, a group of like-minded people that fix this? Sure the main stereo mags publish recommended recordings each month and some are very good and some aren't. I have no way to tell if the recommendations are there because they need to fill space or they genuinely love the piece. I am sorry, maybe that's a bit harsh. If I were writing for the magazines I'd be terribly hard pressed to do better. Heck I'd be hard pressed to do as well. Yet that doesn't fix the problem for me.

There are no real standards of excellent recordings, yet we all know one when we hear one. With few exceptions Audiophile's favorite collections, their hand picked gems are, for the most part, true gems worthy of my time and yours as well. We all know of a few. There must be hundreds but I can't name perhaps more than ten or twenty. Why is that?

Why is there such a vacuum when there is so obvious a need? We know and trust some labels and engineers but we also recognize there are gems out there just for the taking. True undiscovered beauties that are just waiting to be identified and memorialized by someone, By something.

I'd be the first one to jump on board if only I knew how to do it.

I sure know what I want, I just don't know how to get there.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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