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Humble Pie
When we think of music in the late 60s and early 70s, especially rock and roll, one of the first supergroups who found success on both sides of the Atlantic with such songs as "Black Coffee", "30 Days in the Hole", "I Don't Need No Doctor" and "Natural Born Bugie" was Humble Pie. The original band line-up featured lead vocalist and guitarist Steve Marriott from Small Faces, vocalist and guitarist Peter Frampton from The Herd, former Spooky Tooth bassist Greg Ridley and a 17-year-old drummer, Jerry Shirley, from The Apostolic Intervention. While Humble Pie sold millions of albums they were best known for their live work, especially at Bill Graham's Fillmore East Auditorium. Graham, a man obsessed with taking care of his loyal concert attendees made a point at keeping ticket prices within reach for the best bands in the world. To be able to see and hear a stage act like Steve Marriott and Humble Pie at New York's Fillmore East for under $20 was a real treat, one that'll likely never be repeated again. I had the honor to interview Steve Marriott and Greg Ridley in a Munich hotel room in 1972. Remembering "those days" the first thing we did was sit around the microphone and huff down a giant chillum of hash before starting the interview. I vexed over the idea of keeping the sound of that cannabis-infused pre-interview ritual in the interview or hiding it and, in the end, decided it was more honest to keep it. It's what happened, it's who I was way back when, and who they were. I'd love for you to hear the interview which I've mixed with a ton of great Humble Pie music, much of it live. You can subscribe and listen to Ohms Law on your Apple device by simply searching for the program on the Podcast App. Or, if you're on Android, go here to subscribe. If you'd prefer to just have a listen through your browser, go here. If you'd be so kind as to leave a comment after listening and, or to subscribe, I'd appreciate it. It'll help bring awareness of the program to fellow music lovers like yourself.
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