Hair of the dog

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If you were to take careful measurements of every aspect of dog hair: spectrometer, DNA, chemical analysis, you'd be hard-pressed to figure out what the animal looked like if the species was unknown. In fact, it would be as difficult as reverse engineering a computer from taking apart a USB cable.

And that's the problem we face trying to measure differences in what we hear. Our measurements only look at a tiny slice of the pie and do not yet apply to the whole sensory system.

Recently at our dealer's showroom in Hong Kong, Radar Audio, a group of customers were treated to a demonstration of music played on a high-resolution audio system with and without the P20. The listeners were told only that A was somehow different than B. The opinions of how much better the system sounded powered by the P20 were unanimous. Yet, make any known audio measurement science has available today and I doubt there would be a measured difference.

We cannot measure perception. We cannot measure what your mind crafts in response to aural stimulation.

But you can.

And, you do.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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