Good deals

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Good deals

Whether it's a hand of cards or buying a new piece of audio equipment, we always like getting a good deal.

Good deals don't always have to refer to money. We can find deals by virtue of high value, unexpected performance, or enhanced synergy. It's a good deal when my new amplifier helps the system sing in ways I never expected.

Of course, there are the opposites too. A bad deal can range from cards that form the losing hand, to that expensive piece of kit that was supposed to have been a miracle but turned out to be a dud.

We're eternally hopeful for good deals, great shakes, found opportunities, and pleasant surprises. It's why we stick with what works, with the people and companies we trust, with the artists and musicians we've enjoyed in the past.

For me, the best deals are when I venture forward into unfamiliar territory. When I take a chance on breaking the mold, rolling the dice, trying out the new.

Those deals, for me, are as good as they get.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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