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It's always difficult to know when the next great thing is a fad or something with staying power: Pet rocks, Frisbees, waterbeds, pogo sticks, Crocks, CD green pens, Quadraphonic sound.

Sometimes new inventions are evolutionary steps: the cassette tape recorder, horn speaker, console stereo, and the 8-track player.

Which brings me to my question this morning. Whatever happened to MQA? I know a few people still love it and depend on it, but other than that it seems to have drifted into the dustbin of neglect.

Is it just me? Did it become so essential and ingrained into the culture like FLAC or MP3 there's no need to speak of it anymore?

Were we party to a technical innovation that has already come and gone?

What's your impression?

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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