Does Vinyl Sound The Same As CD?

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I was poking around on YouTube and ran into this official looking guy in a turtleneck and blazer proposing something rather absurd. That for any given recording vinyl sounds the same as CD. A lot of people have viewed his talk and I am not including a link because I believe his video is injurious to the truth.

The truth, at least, for some of us.

You see, it is regretful the vast majority of music lovers on the planet probably cannot hear the difference between vinyl and CD. That their equipment is so non-resolving that the two mediums are practically indistinguishable, save for the needle drop and an occasional tick or pop.

Venus and Mars.

In our world, one would question individual hearing if you couldn’t distinguish between vinyl and CD. And we’re not talking about which is better, which is preferred. His statement suggests that no one should be able to hear those differences because they are so slight. And that is simply wrong.

Very wrong.

I’ve put together a new video on the subject you can watch here.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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