Deniers and skeptics

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Deniers and skeptics

I was recently called out for using the term Deniers as a way of referring to those who scoff at the notion cables matter. The reader said the term is pejorative and suggested a more respectful way to address folks who do not agree with me would be to refer to them as well intentioned skeptics.

He is absolutely correct.

Worse than simply labeling the term as pejorative, a word that expresses contempt or disapproval, I think the biggest problem I have is how dismissive it is. I don't wish to dismiss the thoughts of anyone.

Where are we going with all this?

I was captivated by his term well-intentioned skeptics because I found myself wondering what exactly that meant. What are the intentions of a skeptic?

That got me thinking about my own skepticism and what my intentions were. Easy. To get to the truth of the matter because what's being presented at the time makes me question the validity of it.

Take fuses for an example. When it comes to spending hundreds of dollars on a mains fuse you can count me as a skeptic. And this skepticism in the face of my experience in blind tests. Time and again I have heard the improvements wrought by these tiny AC components and time and again I don't bother with them.


I suppose I will have to remain a well intentioned skeptic.

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