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Not too many people know about Infinitizer, the likely first name of PS Audio had it not been for circumstances few of us could have imagined at the time.

I have told the story many times of meeting Stan, my cofounder in PS Audio, in 1973. He, a waterbed installer and Audiophile, and me a disc jockey and electronic tinkerer, got together over a phono preamplifier I had designed. Later he bought half of the audio company I had never considered starting to build the same phono preamplifiers I brought to his home to audition, so many years ago.

What few of you know is that the first versions of the phono preamplifier bore the brand name Infinitizer on their fronts, and not PS Audio. Though Stan had originally suggested we brand the new company after our own first names, Paul and Stan, I was set on using the name of the company I did have operating at the time, Infinitizer.

Before designing the first phono preamplifier, I had been working day and night on another project, the world's first polyphonic synthesizer. In the early 1970's musical synthesizers, like those from Moog and Arp were 'one note wonders'. Only one note at a time could be pressed to make sound come out and I thought that to be rather limiting. So too, it turns out, did those that used the devices like Walter Carlos, Keith Emerson, Richard Wright and Giorgio Moroder.

Tomorrow I'll start the story of the Infinitizer, the first of many crazy ideas I dreamt of changing the world with.

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