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We cobble together multiple components to form a stereo system. Speakers, cables, equipment, are all necessary elements to produce music in our homes. The skills needed to assemble a proper stereo are not taught in school and with the single exception of Jim Smith's excellent work, I've yet to see a book explaining it well enough to use. In fact, most of us learn by the seat of our pants (or with the help of a friend). There was a fabled time, long ago and in a galaxy far from here, where neighborhood dealers filled the role of system gurus. Some were genius at the task, like Jonas Miller of Los Angeles, and Mike Kay of New York City. Sadly, those days seem to have faded into the past (for the most part). The new paradigm of every man for himself would likely put a smile on the ghost of Ayn Rand. One of my long-held dreams is to fill the role of system builder for our customers. The idea of personally curating entire audio systems (everything from the AC wall socket to your ears) and then figuring out a way to ensure they sound just right might be the stuff of dreams, but I believe it to be a worthwhile goal—one we intend to pursue with all we have available to us. In the meantime, as we work with the legendary speaker designer Arnie Nudell (of Infinity fame) to complete the audio chain, a few manufacturers of speakers would like to recommend the types of speaker cables you use. Is this setup help a good thing? WATCH THIS VIDEO to find out my thoughts.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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