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There are more brands of loudspeakers than electronics by a big margin. If I had to guess at the reason for this I'd imagine a couple of things: speakers are easier to design than electronics and customers tend to change speakers more often than other categories. To that end, there are very few companies that manage to successfully produce both electronics and speakers. Sometime in late 2018, we will begin breathing this rarified air, but not for the reasons I describe above. Our desire to build loudspeakers really goes back to the core of PS Audio's beliefs. We have always wanted to offer our customers a remarkable experience. We're able to do that now through our separates, but it doesn't always work. Imagine connecting even the best gear up to poorly matched (or set up) speakers. The mismatch can be a real let down. We have always believed that the ability to offer entire systems would be the only way to guarantee a remarkable experience. And that is what we intend to do. My mentor and lifelong friend, Infinity founder Arnie Nudell, and our engineering team have been hard at work crafting a line of loudspeakers we hope will see the light of day sometime next year. If you'd like to learn a bit more about the thought process (and a smidge about the idea of high-end hearing aids), I would encourage you to enjoy this short video on those two subjects.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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