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Our thoughts on how to turn a living room into a better performance venue for your loudspeakers, without being asked to sleep on the couch, might have an easy twist that elevates you to hero.

Of course, you can add Tube Traps, Diffusers, gongs, bells, and the like to improve any room. Unfortunately, most of us haven't the luxury to decorate the family living space with Audiophile accessories. Our familial gatekeepers deny even the discussion of such things. But there is hope.

It turns out that a couch, recliner, upholstered chair, hutch, dresser, even a thick rug, offer serious improvements to room acoustics. Large objects, especially couches and chairs, break up sound waves in much the same way diffusers work. They scatter sound.

A room filled with rugs, furniture, and chachkies, sounds better than a big empty space.

When your new loudspeakers arrive, add to your negotiation skills by needing a couch and chair of your spouse's choice.

Bonus point. Offer to go shopping for the new furniture too.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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