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Our rooms are performance venues for speakers. The better performer your room is, the better your speakers sound. One cannot be unhinged from the other. In yesterday's post, I linked you to the video series I posted on building a great dedicated room. That's helpful if you have a spare room to convert into a sound temple. Most of us don't. The vast majority of stereo setups are in rooms with other purposes. Like living. Getting along with your spouse. You know, like normal people. In this common situation, living rooms typically perform poorly. The more we can augment them without getting divorced, the better sound we get. The number one on my short list of acceptable room treatments might surprise you. A subwoofer. Though it isn't typically thought of as changing the room, a subwoofer is the one easy-to-install game changer we can all benefit from. Subs improve room performance. You just have to wrap your head around a slightly different dynamic to make that leap of logic. Tomorrow I'll add another performance enhancer to our list.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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