Really bad ideas

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Really bad ideas
I suppose my posts don't have to be about audio. Sometimes it's good to poke a little fun. I routinely get SPAM from a number of different Chinese manufacturers trying to sell me their goods for resale. It's just the way it is today if you're a manufacturer. I mostly just delete them and move on but once in a while a product is so intriguing I save it in a special file. This morning I received just such an email and I couldn't resist sharing. Here's a really bad idea, especially if you're an airline traveller or want to have some "fun" with the TSA when you do travel. I'll bet they would get a kick out of this. It's a bomb alarm clock. Yeah, take a look. Defuse-a-bomb Clever, eh? The perfect gift for that frequent flyer of yours. The idea here is to make an alarm clock for those of us that have trouble getting out of bed. To shut this thing off and stop it from "blowing up" you have to actually wake up and diffuse the "bomb". I suppose there's probably a specialty market out there that would love this, but on the other hand it may just be the dumbest idea I have ever seen. I just had to share.
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Paul McGowan

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