Audiophiles come close

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We're a rare breed, we audiophiles. We get closer to the sound of live music than just about any other group of people on the planet. And yet, we're miles away from the real event. Stereophile reviewer Herb Reichert sums it up nicely in this 'ode to live sound'.
"I have seen Tina Turner drip sweat from between her legs onto the stage; I have seen Bootsey arrive from above the stage in a stuffed satin spaceship, I've seen the Godfather die three times and finally be lifted off stage (kicking and screaming in a straight jacket) by a giant crane; I saw Jimi Hendrix play blues with Paul Butterfield in a completely dark club; I was at Giant's Stadium and the Rolling Stones were doing a sound check with over a million watts of power driving giant walls of speakers spread accross an area about 100' wide and 50' high. When Charlie tapped his kick drum the pressure of sound punched my chest and closed off my throat -- that don't happen in my apartment."
Ka pow!
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