Audio nirvana

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Once in a while, everything clicks. The lights are dimmed, the music flows unimpeded. You forget you're in a room. A smile warms across your face and there's only you to enjoy it. Blissful. Audio nirvana. These moments often catch me off guard, coming when I least expect them. But sometimes it happens when hopes are highest—like when you get a new recording. One of my readers, Mike Norton of Midland HiFi Studio in England, shares my love of opera. He sent me a link to a review of the work of a conductor I had not known, Teodor Currentzis. CLICK HERE for that review. If you like opera, watch the video of Currentzis urging his performers through the passion of Mozart. It's infectious enough that I purchased both Cosi Fan Tutte and Le Nozze di Figaro and they should arrive next week. It's clear from watching that video that the recordings I will receive have captured the beauty of Mozart's finest operatic works. What's not apparent is their recording quality. That will be a crapshoot. (Isn't it always?) Hopes are high. If the recordings are even mildly close to the performance I will be in audio nirvana—a state of affairs not often enjoyed but much anticipated. What is audio nirvana? WATCH THIS VIDEO to find out.
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Paul McGowan

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