An amazing innovation

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An amazing innovation

Some innovations and discoveries just happen. Others take time. Lots of time. We've been quietly working in the background on something absolutely unique and awe inspiring. 

Eau de Vinyl. A fragrance. But not just any fragrance. This is an immersive scent that captures and enhances the essence, the very soul of what makes vinyl records so near and dear to our hearts. Eau de Vinyl is more than a scent; it's an olfactory homage to the warmth, the slight crackle, and the deep musicality of vinyl.

How does a scent enhance the audio experience?" Here lies the brilliance of this discovery. A subtle, immersive fragrance—designed to envelop your listening space in a sensory tapestry, merging the auditory with the olfactory to elevate your musical immersion to realms unimagined.

Think of it. Just a touch of de Vinyl, the lights turned low, and the needle drops on Dark Side of the Moon or Kind of Blue. As the stylus touches the groove and the first chords fill the air, so too does your room become filled with the intoxicating essence of the actual performance, enhancing the depth and texture of the music in a way that transcends mere sound.

Like being in an old record store or the musical venue itself—vinyl just sounds better.

We all know that the environment sets the tone.

It's half the battle.

We're collecting a list of potential beta testers for this remarkable sensory experience. If you're interested, check with me on April 2nd and we'll arrange to have your head examined.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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