PS Audio founder and CEO, Paul McGowan, writes a daily blog: short, informative, fun, often controversial, but always interesting. Subjects range from personal stories, how to setup your system, news of the day, streaming, vinyl, tubes, transistors, loudspeakers, holographic imaging and more. Kind of like the Car Talk of audio. Not much is sacred, and there’s rarely a mention of our own products.

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Paul McGowan

In the realm of high-end audio, the quest to understand and quantify what we hear has been both a passion and a challenge for audiophiles and engineers alike. While we've...


Paul McGowan

Over the next few days I am going to spend a minute riffing on that which cannot be proven—a subject of constant division between those of us who like to...


Paul McGowan

We all live in self imposed bubbles. Yup, even the most open minded and curious among us.  We have to. There's just too much going on to be aware of...


Paul McGowan

In my experience, most of the systems I run into aren't the products of a building strategy. Instead, they are mostly cobbled together over time. I remember back to the...

Technology versus implementation

Paul McGowan

In a modern world with a myriad of technology choices available to us engineers, how much does that technology matter as compared to how it is implemented? For instance, we...

Differing approaches

Paul McGowan

What's the best way to design a DAC? An amp? A preamp? Clearly, there's no right way because if there were everyone would be doing it. I think there's plenty...