Table of Contents – Issue 205

Table of Contents – Issue 205

Written by Frank Doris

“I kicked off my shoes and felt the good earth under my feet/I loosened my tie and felt what it feels like to breathethe Association, “Time for Livin’”


In this issue: I interview Nick Getz, son of sax legend Stan Getz, and Abey Fonn of Impex Records about the new Getz/Gilberto LP reissue of the bossa nova classic. Jazz trumpet virtuoso Gabriel Mervine talks about his new Octave Records albums: the Brazilian- and European-flavored I Wish You Love, and the improvisational See Somethin’. PS Audio’s Paul McGowan chooses his favorite microphones. What’s it like to run an audio show? We talk to Bart Andeer of Florida International Audio Expo and find out. Wayne Robins hears much great music at the Folk Alliance International festival. Rudy Radelic finds out how much vampire power his audio system, computers and other stuff are sucking out of his electric service.

Rich Isaacs listens to…test records. Ray Chelstowski talks with Inveniem founder Brad Mindich about the future of preserving artists’ legacies. We visit CanJam 2024 and check out a lot of headphones and gear. Guest articles from FIDELITY and PMA offer a visit to German speaker maker Pure Emotion by AW, and a look at treasures from the vinyl vault. Howard Kneller digs an unusual WAVAC amplifier and vibration control devices from Symposium Acoustics. PS Audio enjoys positive reviews of new StellarGold and other components. We revisit The Mindful Melophile and his musical big bang theory. The issue concludes with a global tour, wireless wonders, and a walk in the right direction.




Contributors to This Issue:
Carsten Barnbeck, Ray Chelstowski, Frank Doris, Rich Isaacs, Don Kaplan, Howard Kneller, Claude Lemaire, Paul McGowan, Rudy Radelic, Wayne Robins, James Schrimpf, Peter Xeni

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