A Magnificent WAVAC Audio Lab Amplifier, and Vibration Control from Symposium Acoustics

A Magnificent WAVAC Audio Lab Amplifier, and Vibration Control from Symposium Acoustics

Written by Howard Kneller

I have noted before that I do not have the benefit of having a photography studio to work from. Still, I almost always prefer to photograph gear in my home – where I have a small amount of control over the environment – versus in the field. I disregarded this preference when I visited Peter Bizlewicz of Symposium Acoustics to pick up an extra shelf for one of my Symposium component racks.

While in Symposium’s listening room, I checked out the gear, which was from companies such as Manley Laboratories, WAVAC Audio Lab, and Sony. There was also a prototype Panorama speaker that Peter had designed and hand-built some time ago. Of course, Symposium racks, platforms, and footers, were generously used throughout the system.

Here are photos that I took of Peter’s WAVAC He-833v1.3 directly-heated, 150 watt per channel single-ended triode mono amps. This Japanese-made amp uses the 833A transmitting triode, which was RCA’s most powerful glass triode, and for decades the choice of many engineers for audio reproduction and transmitter service. The other tubes in the amplifier are a KT88 and a 437A in the driver and input stages, respectively.

Many tube aficionados know all too well that it is a gross understatement to say that the He-833v1.3 is highly sought-after and nothing short of magnificent. WAVAC’s latest version is the HE-833v2. My photos of Peter’s Panorama speakers will have to wait for another day.



The mighty 833A triode tube is at the heart of the WAVAC He-833v1.3 amplifier.



Here's the amplifier resting on a Symposium Acoustics Ultra platform.



Top view of the He-833v1.3 showing the input and speaker connection options.



it's a work of audio art.



 A transparent glass canopy is available for the amplifier.


All images courtesy of Howard Kneller. Howard’s audiophile adventures are documented on his YouTube channel (The Listening Chair with Howard Kneller) and on Instagram (@howardkneller). His art and photography can also be found on Instagram (@howardkneller.photog). Finally, he posts a bit of everything on Facebook (@howardkneller).

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