PS Audio in the News

PS Audio in the News

Written by Frank Doris

The Absolute Sound posted a video review of the StellarGold DAC. Click on this link to check out Adrian Alexander’s coverage. He noted, “the soundstage was huge…it brought out sounds and nuances and different instruments I hadn’t heard before.” He concluded, “if you’re new and want to get into digital, I think this is the sweet spot…I think it sounds great.”

Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity gave a highly positive review of the StellarGold Stereo Preamplifier, citing its excellent sonic and measured performance. The review noted, “the music and sound [of Art Pepper Meets the Rhythm Section] were glorious with the StellarGold preamplifier.

Stereophile included the PerfectWave DirectStream DAC MK2 and the Stellar Series M1200 mono power amplifier in its latest “Recommended Components” listings.

The Sound Advocate offered a detailed review of the AirLens streamer. The review praised its simple operation and said, “from a tuneful and dynamic bass to a detailed and realistic midrange, the AirLens delivered what my DAC needed to sound its best. I have had several streamers here in the system and can say that the AirLens serves up musical realism as well or better than any streamer I have had here under 5K.” The publication awarded the AirLens a Highly Recommended rating.

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