Table of Contents – Issue 201

Table of Contents – Issue 201

Written by Frank Doris

All of us at Copper wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season and new year, and peace on Earth in these difficult times.

Beginning with this issue you’ll see some changes to Copper, including more coverage of industry news, and new music releases. Things will continue to evolve over the next few months.

A Copper reader asked if I could create a Qobuz playlist for the “200 of Your Editor's All-Time Favorite Songs” article in Issue 200. I misplaced his e-mail – if you're reading this, please contact me and I’ll give a shout out in the next issue. Click here for a link to the playlist. Seven songs aren’t on Qobuz, so I added replacements at the end of the playlist.

In this issue: Well-known audio luminary Michael Fremer has produced his first album, Rufus Reid Presents Caelan Cardello, and I interview him about the debut from the legendary bassist and up-and-coming jazz piano sensation. We talk with Charlie Calv and Bruce Pucciarello of Deko Entertainment about the future of the music business. AES New York 2023 show reports are here from yours truly, John Seetoo, and Harris Fogel. Octave Records has not one but two holiday albums, the jazz-tinged Charlie Brown Goes to the Nutcracker by the Ron LeGault quintet, and virtuoso guitarist Alfredo Muro’s The Spirit of Christmas.

The Kinks have released The Journey – Part 2 career retrospective collection, and it’s sure to delight Kinks fanatics as well as newcomers to the band. Anne E. Johnson looks back at the career of German composer and opera singer Johann Adolph Hasse. B. Jan Montana ponders an audio comedy of errors. We host a look at Tokyo jazz joints from FIDELITY magazine. I pay a visit to Long Island retailer the Audio Den and check out an impressive loudspeaker. PS Audio has received some recent accolades. The issue concludes with rockin’ the holidays, a high-end audio guide, and a winter wonderland.



Contributors to this issue: John Seetoo, Harris Fogel, B. Jan Montana, James Schrimpf, Anne E. Johnson, Peter Xeni, Hans von Draminski

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