The new website

March 20, 2021
 by Paul McGowan

If you haven’t yet had a chance to check out PS Audio’s new website, please do.

The new site replaces our nearly 10-year-old version that, while still useful, had outlived itself and was in desperate need of a rebuild. I hope you enjoy it.

I wanted to make you aware of a fairly major change made possible by the new technology behind the rebuilt site.

As you may know, in the United States PS has a one-of-a-kind trade-in program where we buy back your older gear at its full retail price. That amount is agreed to upfront and the new PS Audio gear is sent to you for audition at retail minus the trade-in product’s value. You then have a month to decide which to keep: the new PS product or your trade-in. That’s a pretty sweet deal.

This works great if your trade-in’s original MSRP isn’t a lot higher than what you’re buying from PS—there’s only so much we can offer folks towards the purchase of new gear. For example:

Trade in a 2014 Denon AVR-4802R, MSRP $2250 towards the purchase of a BHK 250 power amplifier, MSRP of $7,499.
$7,499 retail – $2250 trade = $5,249.
You pay $5,249.

But what if the trade-in originally retailed for more than the maximum allowed for a given PS product? In the past, there wasn’t much we could do about that, but now there is.

Our programmers have figured out a way to build a sort of savings account for you. Whatever credit is not used from your trade-in is now kept in an account available to you for any future purchases. It’s a small tweak but one we’re excited to launch. You can read the details here.

In the meantime, have fun with the new site. There are still bugs to work out (like Copper Magazine), and let us know if you find any quirks.

We’ll be tweaking and fine-tuning the site over the next few weeks.

Have fun!

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43 comments on “The new website”

  1. I’m wondering if anyone else here can not scroll down the pages of the ‘Hi-Fi Family Systems’
    photo gallery on Google Chrome or Internet Explorer?
    Back in late 2019 I was able to scroll right through from page 1 to the end, but since about 12 months ago I get stuck at the bottom of page 1 & that’s it…no more advancement.
    Is anybody else experiencing this?
    Does someone know how to fix this problem.

    1. The scroll down has never worked on my desktop using AOL or MS Edge. The scroll down works on my Ipad, but gets bogged down after a few pages.

  2. My immediate reaction to the new site: Contrast is TERRIBLE; so bad, in fact, that I’ll wait for improvement to the state where it becomes comfortable to read before continuing.

  3. The new web site is very nice, although some more contrast between the text and background would be welcome for my tired eyes.
    I will say I like your trade-in policy. I saved 30% off of an upgrade from a PerfectWave DAC to a DirectStream DAC. So if anyone wonders if the policy is for real…its’s for real.
    Only one comment: The Trade-in discussion on the new website does not mention the value of the “credit-cap”. In the example, the trade in was almost exactly 30% ($2249.70) of the new item’s price ($7499). Is the 30% limit still in effect? If not, what is the credit-cap?

    1. I have seen the comment about the type quite a lot and though I don’t get it I will look into going back to the font we used to use which was Helvetica Neue. I am not sure what font is now in the site.

      1. Paul I am not sure that many people are questioning the font as much as the contrast or darkness of the print. In the comment box, as well as in the postings, the font color is a shade of gray, not black, and as such blends into the background a lot.

        For example, at the top of this post, the title, the words in the main body that say “new website” and “trade-in program” and “details here” are very readable (probably you made them bold). The rest just blend into the white with minimal contrast. I don’t know that you have to do everything in bold but find some shade darker than you use now, but not all the way to bold. Maybe it is the font and its inherent color value. Anyway, the programmers can have fun with this.

  4. Look under the PW SACD Transport, and I see this:

    1200 WATTS RMS INTO 4Ω

    Can you say OOOOPPPPSSSSS ??????

    1. I noticed this already and asked about it in the “TWEAKS” post.
      Happily PmcG informed me : “Wait, you didn’t hear we added a power ampm to the SACD player?”
      Read the aforementioned post….(and comments). 🙂

  5. Question: Who is the man wearing glasses sitting on the sofa in the “Welcome to the Hi-Fi Family” website entrance photo?

    Comment: I agree that the light face font on Paul’s Post is a little hard to read, even on my large hi-resolution monitor. It reminds me how the corporate image consultant for the company I used to work for recommended, and got approved by upper management, a thin gray font for all reports and proposal text body. The new font was sold as more modern and sophisticated. The downside was a lot of important stuff I wrote in reports and proposals went unnoticed by clients because their eyes just didn’t want to struggle with the faint font.

    I just noticed that if I narrow the width of the window to eliminate the right hand column the text remains the same height but the font gets bolder. That is weird.

    1. My gut feeling is that the guy in glasses is Scott McGowan..his eyes kinda look like Paul’s. And I agree the contrast could be better. My old eyes don’t work as good as they used to.

    2. The man in the video is a con-man, as the item he is shown replacing at the start of the video is not the same as the item that comes out the box at the end.

      PS Audio production values are going up, but I think they need to hire a continuity editor.

        1. The video in the link. A Parasound amp appears to be coming out of the box, not what the DAC replaces.

          There was also a photo of this chap somewhere sitting on a brown leather sofa in front of a PS Audio system, except he seems to have stolen your AN3 prototypes! I’d ask for them back.

  6. @JosephLG, thanks for that tip. I used my touch screen to enlarge the size of the type I wanted to read on the comments page and as it got larger it got darker. So much better!
    Getting Darker, but I’m not there yet, as Robert Zimmerman might say.

  7. Paul – what’s the interest rate for the PSA Savings Account?
    Just joking haha.

    I agree that the new font/contrast is a step backwords (intentional typo) 😉
    Did someone trade in a 1980s PC with MS-DOS?

    Two observations that I haven’t seen commented on yet:
    On the Sprout page the first sentence of text is duplicated.
    And the square “thumbnail” photos next to each post topic in Paul’s Post menu are very grainy out of focus.

  8. Personally, when I do upgrades, and I’ve done a few recently, I’m not in the least interested in small print or how the deal is structured. All that really matters is how much I have to pay. So if I were in the USA I would just phone up and try and do a deal. Unfortunately this option was not available to me overseas.

    Some dealers do this very successfully. Some manufacturers also do it and give much better deals on own-brand goods, because they can be refurbished and sold at much higher prices. It also then becomes a brand-loyalty scheme rather than a discount scheme. Brand loyalty is not something I’ve ever really accepted, except when it comes to shoes.

  9. “Our programmers have figured out a way to build a sort of savings account for you”
    I guess it’s more the BOOKKEEPERS who came up with the idea !

    As for the “modernized” site :
    “How many posts must an audiophile read
    Before this new site is ok
    The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind…”

      1. Yes, I got that part already, the database thing.
        But everywhere I worked programmers were hired to work out the technical aspects of ideas, in the form of code, e.g. Java.
        Not to come up with ideas for the business (financial, commercial) side. Apparently PSA works differently.

  10. “The guy in the glasses is a model we hired. We went through perhaps three of them in the shoot but liked this guy the most. He’s a friend of the art director’
    Personally I’d rather seen a photo of a girlfriend of the art director.
    Well, I guess the good thing is that by now all PSA employees know they are not pretty enough (too ugly ?) to be the pin-up boy (or girl) of the company 🙁
    Thanks boss…

  11. Speaking for myself only I don’t have any issues with the font or it’s color. Maybe I’m not old enough yet.

    The trade in program enhancement is nice. I noticed it under “my account” right away. It helps those who don’t want to deal with the aftermarket selling part, and by having credits at PSA keeps returning customer’s coming back. Can you use the credits towards Octave records, books or cables? Or is it just a value towards the next piece of equipment?

    Landing on the home page with “the guy / actor / character in the glasses ( 😎 ) “ only happens if I access PSA directly from my browser. If I link through the menu at the top of this page I get something different.

    The “guy in the glasses” has been around now for quite some time. Still looking dapper, trustworthy and knowledgeable. What instantly caught my eye in the picture was the speaker. Any words about or hidden meaning there? Also cool to see not a cable anywhere in sight. 🙂

    In the end I like the changes!

  12. More worryingly, I clicked on four products and was informed they were not available in my country. When I clicked on the “Find a dealer” it came up with an error page.

    So no more PS Audio in the UK?

    A few more:

    Help desk page: Please return the Helpdesk manager the top half of his head

    Trade ins page: Paul taking the photo with his mobile phone is reflected in the image

    Product registration page: Why is the customer celebrating purchasing a Crosley record player?

    About us page: The classic “my hifi works without cables and power” photo. Every site needs one. The model needs most of his head back.

    1. My apologies, it’s not Paul unless he’s put on weight, grown a beard and purchased a purple T-shirt.

      Did some really trade in about $80,000 of Nagra for PS Audio? Can I have it?

  13. I am not a marketing pro but I believe that the models that you photographed should be employees of PS AUDIO. Sort of disingenuous like the actors in drug commercials.

  14. New website template looks pretty slick. I quite like it and the font looks nice.
    Also I think the trade in program is really cool, but being a dweller in the great white north it won’t apply to myself. In any case, for US Citizens it is awesome.

    Hope you fix the bugs, Paul!
    Pretty cool that we may have avatar pictures at some point.

  15. I also suffer from the small grey typeface. I have tried using the browser toolbox to increase the font weight from 400 to 600 and that helps a lot.Certainly under Windows the font characteristics you request on a web page are not necessarily reflected in what you see; the system treats it as a request and picks the closest approximation from the fonts it has installed (which can vary from system to system). Whatever. We want BIGGER and we want BLACKER!

  16. I agree the previous font was fine. Don’t know why its giving me double spacing here between the words when I type? (but is okay viewed when saved).
    One small picky point, as Octave Records is a precision product then please dust the top of the fader on cover pic.
    I like the new website, congrats.

  17. I have been trying to enter a question in Ask Paul but can’t get it to go through. When I hit Submit the circle just spins and eventually times out.

  18. Nice site but I’m unable to use PowerPlay since the upgrade. No information populates.

    I also agree with others that the new font is too thin/light.

  19. Paul I’m writing to express my profound condolences over the loss of life in the horrific mass shooting in Boulder this past Monday, 03/22/21. When I heard of this tragedy, I immediately thought of P S Audio. I called the company yesterday and spoke to Dave who in fact said he has shopped at the grocery often; fortunately this evil has not touched P S Audio. Thank heaven you are all safe. I’ve no desire to politicize or give offense to anyone but we must as Americans find a way to preserve our liberties while limiting access to weapons of “high lethality” (if you will permit me this imprecision) from angry, mentally disturbed individuals. If preliminary comments made about the suspect are accurate, I suspect he is schizophrenic. But please let no one infer I am making excuses for this abominable behavior. I am not! He must be held accountable to the full extent of the law. It galls however, that no punishment in my lights could ever be commensurate with the destruction he has wrought. I have visited your beautiful state and it is more than a supreme irony that it could be marred by such ugliness. I hope we all can recognize and celebrate life for the sublime gift that it is. Boulder and P S Audio, I hold you in my heart and mind.

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