Step inside the circuit

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AC power regenerators are not power conditioners. A conditioner is a box of passive components that can clean the AC but cannot fix serious problems holding back performance like regulation and output impedance. For that task, you need an active AC regenerator like a Power Plant.

As a circuit designer, it’s easy for me to visualize what is taking place inside a Power Plant: a massive power amplifier fed from a sine wave generator. But that description doesn’t always resonate with non technical people.

For a simpler explanation, we’ve put together a funny video. It’s less than 3 minutes long and has me traveling through wormholes to visit inside an AC wall receptacle and then on to the insides of a Power Plant.

If you have a minute, please indulge my silliness streak and give the video a look. Go here to watch it.

Building a proper AC foundation for your high-end two-channel audio system is the key to great performance.