Octave Studios

May 28, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

Grab a glass of champagne! Octave Studio is up and running.

After months of construction, wiring, adjusting, and hair pulling (not to mention years of planning), we’re finally recording in the new studio.

The work we’re doing won’t be ready to be listened to for several months and we’ve got a bunch of new and exciting releases already in the “can” that we’ll be sharing with you soon, but still….this is a big moment for us.

I put together a quick little video of the new studio you can watch here.

In the video, you’ll likely notice a familiar musician, trumpeter Gabriel Mervine. Gabriel’s Octave release of Say Somethin’ was quick to sell out (still available for download) and we’ve got him back in the new studio for a very special project I’ll be telling you about in the coming months.

The studio is one of the very few in the world dedicated to DSD and preserving the art of recording.

If you have a moment, you can check out our catalog.

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19 comments on “Octave Studios”

  1. What a giant technical effort compared to these famous “one-point-recordings” from Denon! I wonder to hear the proprietary grand piano studio sound having these blankets covering the hole piano. Seeing these small studios one could get the impression that the main goal is to record single instruments and voices and then to create a mix with artificial reverb for getting a final sound better than the “room sound” of this little studio!? A new approach for “chamber music”? It would be most interesting to hear the difference between a one point recording from this studio without any treatment by the mixing console’s plug-ins and a recording of the same track based on the Octave studio’s standards. An idea about what is going on and might happen sound wise I could experience from the Esher demos of the Fab Four!

  2. Paul,
    It’s been said by many already that your passion & commitment for home-audio & the creation of ‘Octave Records’ is to be commended & an important project that I’m sure has been on your mind for decades.
    My years of experience in home-audio have convinced me that the most important component in canned music reproduction is the source…the source being the capture & storage of the original music.
    Good for you & your ‘purist’ devotion, as we all benefit from it 😉

    1. @fatrat
      As an audio aside, The Audiophiliac just put out a review of the Devore O/Baby speaker. Apparently Part 2 will be an interview with John Devore. Perhaps Paul can grace Steve with a smaller speaker for review in the not too distant future?

      1. Clayton,
        Yep, I also watched it earlier today.
        JD has a real presence about himself, with a story-teller’s voice.
        I suspect that it could be a while until ‘PS Audio’ produces an FR30 / Baby 😉

  3. Paul, Congratulations, you have done it again. Since you and I are very close in age I am in awe of your ambition and energy. May you, PS Audio and Octave Records have many long years of success.

  4. I watched the video Paul and it looks like the place is buzzing with excitement! Congratulations all ’round! You must be as proud as a new dad. 😀

    May Octave Studios go from strength to strength. As Fat Rat put it, we all benefit.

  5. Paul,
    Congrats on being “officially” up and running.
    Looking forward to hearing what comes out of there.
    I noticed my favorite one(s) so far didn’t make the wall of honor….

      1. Thanks for asking Paul, It was an observation… ✌️ pretty soon you’re gonna need a long arse wall. 😀

        To answer ( in no particular order) “Things Worth Remembering” “Dreams of You” …
        a couple of the others were there (that I noticed). …“Say Something” & “Hey Joe”

        Enjoy the Holiday weekend… I’d urge all to take a moment to remember the reason for the founding of this Holiday… then let the summer fun begin….

      2. Looks like there’s a few bits ‘n bobs around the studio still to be fixed-up & finalised.
        But I’m sure that that’s only temporary circumstances 😉

  6. Nice atmosphere already, congratulations!

    I’d be interested in more info about recording artists in a studio situation quite separately vs. at least more or less grouped together.

  7. The video is interesting. The studio has a cozy, retro feel despite all the high-tech equipment. What are the keypads with multiple keys that the individual musicians have beside their instruments and are punching on? Are they controlling what is being sent to the master console or are they monitoring what other musicians are playing in other areas of the studio?

    The master controller is like steering a car, making little wheel adjustments almost instantaneously by instinct or experience.

  8. In my typical “late to the party” routine, let me send my congratulations to Paul and the PS Audio team for this huge accomplishment.

    I have most if the Octave releases in DL, SACD, or vinyl.

    A little comment here in Cookie Marenco at Blue Coast Music. l took advantage of a few DL DSDs from Jenna Mammina and the lovely Heavenly Voices!

    The story of the piano is cool and the mic’ing and recording.

    Waiting for the new PSA Streamer also.

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