Giving thanks

November 25, 2021
 by Paul McGowan

I understand Thanksgiving is an American tradition. I also understand it’s traditional on this national holiday to eat turkey.

I am pretty sure you don’t need to be an American or eat turkey to celebrate this day. (I don’t eat turkey (or meat or fish) and I understand we’re but a small group of countrymen in a much larger world)

That said, I cannot imagine any of us in the HiFi Family not comfortable with giving thanks.

Thanks to you, your families, your friends, your loved ones.

Thank you for the kindness and generosity you show every day. Thank you for your love of music and the joy and light you and music bring to this world.

Most of all, I want to thank you for being you.

You matter.

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31 comments on “Giving thanks”

  1. Thanks for giving a shrinking minority of audiophiles an international platform for discussions and for sharing your still growing (!) experiences in vinyl audio and recording techniques, Paul. Hey, what about the actual design status of the coming top tier DAC?

  2. According to wiki Thanksgiving is a harvest festival. Not uncommon, there is one designated in the bible and celebrated as the Jewish festival Succot. We’ve not heard a lot about Farmer Paul’s harvest recently, he should have some nice apples dropping this time of year.

    Due to a cold and dry spring a huge apple tree in our garden that normally produces hundreds of apples, produced about three this year.

    1. Due to a minority not accepting the the power of a virus and the means to minimize its power we face severe problems in many supply chains and the car industry has to partially stop assembly lines due to lack of computer chips. Let’s hope that Paul’s products are not affected!

      1. No. Not the Covid unvaccinated. Not Global Warming. Not even Donald Trump’s fault.
        Actually the disastrous fire at the Taiwan computer chip factory.

    1. Amen Jazznut! A special thanks to you Paul for having the patience of a saint (especially with me) during these turbulent times.

      Wishing you and all of the PS Audio staff and community member families a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving. It’s a good day to reflect back on past Thanksgivings and the joy that they brought. A great holiday to celebrate Life’s Harvest.

      I look forward to next Thanksgiving when we are all here to celebrate Music’s Harvest.

      My sincere gratitude to all…Neil

  3. Thank you Paul and all your family and colleagues, you are a very rare example of how CEO’s, Founders, bosses the World over should be. The audiophile community is so much the better for having you and PS Audio leading the way…though there are other ways but i believe yours is best for me.

    Thank you.

  4. Thanks Paul
    For your dedication kindness.
    Thanks to PS Audio and all the staff.
    Thanks for your YouTube videos,
    Thanks for the newsletters and have a good “given-thanks” without meat and fish.
    We’re building a better world.
    Thank you

  5. A Happy Thanksgiving to you Paul, Terri plus the immediate and extended family.

    Thanks Paul all you do for the audio community and Thanks to all who contribute here. I’ve learned from reading here over the years and quite often am provoked into deep thought.

    Enjoy the day and the holiday. ✌️

  6. Paul, Thank you for all the joy you and your family and team have given us this last year. May you all have a safe and happy Thanksgiving. To everyone on this forum forum whether you are an American or not, thank you for sharing your thoughts here and may you also have a safe and happy day today when we here in the U.S. give thanks.

  7. Turkeys get a bad rap for intelligence, but the wild ones are actually fun to watch and, I’m told, challenging to hunt. I assume that, like most things, the Thanksgiving turkey is the product of a superb marketing campaign undertaken many years ago.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all, and thank you, Paul, for being the leader of this rowdy group.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving to you and the entire PS Audio family Paul. I’d like to thank you for waking my sluggish old brain every morning with your insightful posts. Bringing you into my home every morning is an absolute pleasure, I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate your expertise and wisdom, thanks for all that you do Paul.❤

  9. Hey Paul, thank you providing this platform for us. Thank you for your staff that I have called and just asked questions, thank you for furthering my audio knowledge and the encouragement to build and tweak and how to find that weak link and know how to change it. Eat well my friend on what ever you dine on and to all on this platform, Happy Thanksgiving! We need it

    Keep Listening all

  10. Thank you Paul for the daily posts and videos. They are always entertaining and informative. Look at your left pinky nail. You have more audio knowledge in that nail than I have in my entire being. Your audio set up book has helped me make my listening at home greatly improved, which gives me JOY, EVERY DAY! Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Happy pilgrim day to you south of the border peoples. Even tho I’ll likely never meet any of you in person, I’m thankful there’s a worldwide network of folk who understand this cra$y passion and an audio school-master who makes it all happen. He clearly never sleeps. Also thankful the floods up my way didn’t directly impact my area. Although road closures have delayed vehicle hauling to my work – I’ll admit I’m not entirely saddened by the lull in the normal 50 – 60 hour work weeks…. Gives me time to finally get to servicing & auditioning a newly adopted Crown DC-300A and some old Altec Valencia 846b’s. Perhaps not super hi-fidelity but more of a ‘live concert’ sound. Very cool sounding but a bit fatiguing after some time. They DO sound outstanding in an outdoor environment.
    Collecting & restore vintage gear, I often wish the pieces could tell stories of their journey from their birth to how they got here.

    1. Hey Kip,
      Another ‘La Nina’ summer for us here in ‘Straya.
      Lots of rain & some flooding, but preferable to the
      massive wildfires that burned us down 2 summers ago.
      Keep ya kayak handy 😉

  12. Happy thanksgiving Paul and family. You are an exceptional person, with an exceptional family, leading an exceptional company pushing exceptional boundaries, and taking your international family along for the ride.

    That I found you, PS audio and the guys who post regularly, has for me, been audio life enriching and enhanced my enjoyment of our passion. At times thought provoking, sometimes contentious, but all the better for that. Bland we are not!
    Thank you everyone and best wishes.

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