Distance makes the heart grow fonder

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I want to apologize and correct for a mistake I made in yesterday’s post The Strangest Tweak.  I erroneously attributed the resonator to HiFi Tuning when, in fact, it is actually a product of  Michael and Andreas Jungblut of AHP.

AHP is both a dealer, as well as a manufacturer, and the father and son Jungbluts certainly two of the most dedicated hifi enthusiasts I have ever met.  My sincere apologies for messing up the company’s name.  If you are interested in finding out more information about the amazing tuning resonator I reported on in yesterday’s post, contact them via email by clicking here.

While our room in Munich sounded fabulous and prompted many a fine comment about some of the most musical sounds at the show, I must say that upon coming home the first thing I did was jump into Music Room One for a refresher.  It sounded even better than I remember it.  A lot better.

I am not sure if this is the same effect as how much better you feel sleeping in your own bed after a trip, but the difference between anything I heard at the show, including our own room, was simply amazing.

It’s good to be home.