User Reviews - Stellar Phono Preamplifier

Like a new record collection

I'd say the addition of this new preamp has really elevated my system and so far I see no downsides. I have not found a record yet that I think, “nope just can't listen to that.” In fact, the opposite is true - I feel like I have a new record collection waiting to be discovered.

Sending shivers down my spine

For me, in my room, this is an amazing new box and I can't wait to hear it today, especially after the overnight burn in. My Sutherland is for sale.

Spoiler alert!

The Stellar phono stage is an impressive piece of work. Once you move past the $2,500 price point for these devices, things get crazy pretty quickly. For the vinyl newbie or someone looking for their first high-end separate phono stage, this is pretty much a no-brainer. For anyone who is contemplating a $5k - $10k spend on a phono stage upgrade, this is a must audition product at the very least. Darren's creation is going to cause some heartburn elsewhere in the industry.

BLACKEST background I have EVER heard

I had time to swap out my Gold Note for my Stellar Phono Pre and after all connections were made, I switched inputs from CD to Phono and I heard NOTHING. I got worried thinking the Stellar had a problem even though I was certain I connected everything correctly. I started Clapton Unplugged and WOW !! This wonderful sound came from the BLACKEST background I have EVER heard in a Phono Pre (and I have had MANY) Don't know HOW you could achieve the kind of QUIET I heard (or NOT heard :) I only care that you did and it sounds AMAZING !!

How did they pull this off?

I wrote James and told him PS Audio should be PROUD!!! I am impressed and that is simply not easy to do at this stage of my audiophile path. Bravo gentlemen for making one of the top 3 SS phono stages I've heard, the others being the SPL Phonos and the iFi iPhono 2 although the SPP is better than the iPhono but at 5 times the price I would hope so:) The SPL Phonos just does things dynamically with the London that I've not heard another stage do. This is a golden age for phono stages when a company can build something that sounds as good as the Stellar at that kind of price. Build wise, sound wise, I actually don't know how they pulled it off.