Octave Records

Honoring the Music and Those Who Make It

Our mission at Octave Records™ is simple – respect musicians by paying them fairly, and respect their music by bringing it to life in the highest quality possible. DSD Masters. 

Too often, musicians have to absorb the costs of production, leaving them little or any earnings – or even putting them in debt. And the quality of their recordings end up in last place. We at PS Audio® and Octave Records are dedicated to correcting these inequities.

To support musicians, Octave covers 100% of all studio, mixing, mastering, production, distribution, and marketing expenses so that artists may directly share in retail sales revenues – while retaining ownership of their music.

Octave Records is dedicated to offering the highest-quality recordings in high-resolution formats including pure DSD on SACD, DSDDirect Mastered CD, 45-rpm virgin vinyl single-pressings, as well as 192kHz PCM. Located in Boulder, Colorado, Octave Records utilizes the world’s finest studio equipment, based on DSD recording, mixing, and mastering. Gus Skinas, our world-renowned mastering engineer, has hundreds of album credits and helped design the Sonoma DSD system.

Experience Octave Records for yourself

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