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It’s the start of the new year for most of us already, although our friends in China will be celebrating their new year starting this Friday. So it’s time to focus on all the good things we can accomplish this new year and hopefully music and getting our systems to sound their best are among them. I know they are for me.

Why jitter matters

You’ve read about jitter. I know you have. It’s nothing any of us want and as designers we spend a lot of time making sure it’s as low as possible.But why does it matter? What’s behind jitter and its effects on the sound? Over on Paul’s Posts we’ve been delving into jitter and to aid our knowledge we’ve asked our consulting digital expert, Ted Smith, to help us understand it in a short video.Go here to view Ted’s talk on digital audio jitter and why it matters.

The audible effects of jitter

And just in case you haven’t seen enough of Ted, here’s an even more interesting video for you to watch, the Audible Effects of Jitter.In this fascinating talk Ted explains how and why jitter effects the audio.We’ll continue discussing jitter, digital audio and its effects on Paul’s Posts, amongst other stimulating subjects, and later next week we’ll add another of Ted’s Talks to the series.

Of course I would have loved to call this entire series Ted Talks, or more appropriately, Ted’s Talks, but that name has already been taken by an even more interesting program already.

NuWave Phono Reviews

John Darko just uploaded a very thorough review of how the NuWave Phono Converter works with DSD and the process of ripping records.It’s a great story and if you’re into DSD, vinyl and ripping or listening to your music through your DAC, well worth the read.And customer reaction? “I was thinking my mm cartridge needed updating but this phono stage has given it a new lease on life. While I have only run it in a few hours and am using Red Dawn inters and my Gutwire power cords, I am hearing fabulous clarity, fast pace, tight snappy rhythms, clear & clean air and very low noise floor. Real music! Great bass depth too.”

Upgraded your Power Plant yet?

Have you upgraded your Power Plant to the new MultiWave yet? For P5 and P10 owners it’s free and the reviews are in: awesome. This new MultiWave feature has six positions of strength and the user can select which one works best for them.This is a major feature upgrade for the Power Plants and helps connected equipment sound their best. To find out more go here.

PS joins the 21st century

You know what? I’ll admit it. The idea of social media has somewhat escaped me. Sure we have a Facebook, Twitterand YouTube page, but more interesting to me is our new Instagram page.What is Instagram? It’s a picture bulletin board where you can paste pictures of everything and anything for people to view. Like putting pictures on your fridge.We just finished the latest prototype for our upcoming power amplifier. I immediately shot a bunch of pictures of the board and posted them.

If you have a chance, link to us on Instagramthrough your phone; we’re psaudio1, or you can just go to our page. Give us a like if you find something fun.

The final frontier

One of the very best videos I’ve seen all year is from CBC Music of Canada on YouTube.It is wonderfully produced and while explaining the origins of the Star Trek theme sounds nerdy, I assure you it’s anything but that.Click here and enjoy. Really.
Thanks for reading and I look forward to writing to you again next month.Paul McGowan

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