Opening Salvo

    Woodsmoke and Oranges

    Issue 42

    Welcome to Copper #42!

    An all-too-brief vacation in the smoky Pacific Northwest brought to mind that classic album by Paul Siebel (which still holds up pretty well, unlike many albums of that era). Admittedly, there are more apples in that part of the country than oranges—but just go with it, willya?

    Part 2 of  Jason Victor Serinus’ Art Song overview is featured in #42, and I hope you’ll take the time to listen to the performances that Jason meticulously selected to illustrate the piece.  I’m always pleased to present Jason’s insightful work, and enjoyed a visit with him in his not-so-smoky part of the Northwest.

    Dan Schwartz has the third in his series of articles on encounters–this time, with synth pioneer Robert MoogSeth Godin anticipates MQARichard Murison looks at the joys and pains of system upgrades; Duncan Taylor devises Plan BRoy Hall talks with a stranger on a planeAnne E. Johnson introduces another striking talent, Alice Phoebe Lou; Woody Woodward begins a 2-parter on Louis Armstrong; and I obsess over a buzzword and wood .

    back with a look at traditional British and Irish music in Something Old/Something New; Industry News tells of big layoffs at Harman; Chloe Olewitz deviates from her usual foodie beat to explain what’s what in martial arts; and Jan Montana shows us around the CEDIA Expo.

    Our friend Jim Smith is going on sabbatical for a bit to wrap up some major projects. We thank Jim for all his provocative and insightful contributions to Copper.

    We wrap up Copper #42 with another classic cartoon from Charles Rodrigues, and an unusual Parting Shot from Vasilis Lakakis.

    Until next issue—enjoy! And we’ll see you at RMAF!

    Cheers, Leebs.

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